After Gamescom 2014... and back to the internet

For some reasons I had to pause with the blog. And now - with an epic great delay - here are some pictures from the Gamescom 2014. Too bad I didn't get the scans from the sketches... but I hope the cosplayer who where reference got their final picture we created. It was my wish that the sketches will go to the respective cosplayer since they took the time to pose for the artists.

At least I can name two cosplayer who where reference for the sketches: Yuriko Cosplay (Foxfire Ahri) and Issabel Cosplay (Morgana). - Of course it was great to draw a sketch for the own favorite champion in LoL - Additionally I got the chance to draw cosplays of Dragonslayer Pantheon, Sivir and last but not least Fiora.

Thanks to the organization from Riot, especially to Meagan from the Riot Team, that I could join this show having two great days in Cologne.

Well, since I usually don't take photos I had to look after pictures from others... sorry for that! ;) The following pictures are from an entry Yuriko did on :

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